Aztec Badminton Club


Brian Bidewell
3 Hookswood Close
Daytime: 07889 525050
Evening: 01892 663593


Goldsmith Leisure Centre
Eridge Road

A friendly non league Badminton Club.

Monday evenings

7.30 - 9.30

3 courts in the Main Hall at Goldsmith Leisure Centre.

We play with plastic shuttles - Yonex Mavis 360

Suitable for all ages with some experience.

For more information contact
Brian Bidewell
Tel : Daytime: 07889 525050   Evening: 01892 663593

Aztec Badminton Club was one of the first clubs to use the newly built Leisure Centre in 1985.

Originally formed by like minded employees from a local furniture retailer, it gradually evolved through introducing family and friends until it became the private club, open to all, that it is today.




Being a private non profit club the fees are paid quarterly in advance on the 1st Monday of April, July, October , January.

The cost of the courts and shuttles is equally divided amongst the members at the beginning of each quarter.

Currently the average cost is £4.00 per evening.

For further information please contact:
Brian Bidewell
Tel : Daytime: 07889 525050   Evening: 01892 663593